Tuesday, 1 November 2016

My Top Five Stephen King Good Guys

I first wrote this list as part of my Friday Top Five series a few years ago, And I thought it was worth revisiting!!!

So it's not new information that I am a Stephen King fan. Look to your right.. over there... yep, check out The Illustrated Stephen King Universe Flow Chart if you haven't already... it's kinda like my 4th child....

Anyhoo, I know I have spoken about my favorite SK books before, but today, I thought I would look at my favourite:

Stephen King GOOD GUYS 

1) Jack Sawyer (The Talisman/ Black House) 
In the Talisman, Jack is the eternal little boy lost on a big adventure (a character that is seen in many books/ films- parentless kids out trying to save the world eg: Harry Potter) Jack is just so likeable and charismatic and essentially GOOD. Everyone roots for him. Everyone wants him to win. And then to give him a big hug. Then we get to see him as a grown man in Black House. And we still wanna hug him, but now it's because he's a big, handsome cop.

2) Eddie Dean (The Dark Tower series) 
Yes, Yes, I am finally reading the DT series! I have just finished The Wolves of Calla (my favourite so far). For me, the star of the series is junkie-turned-gunlinger Eddie Dean. Eddie's character is reminiscent of some other fast talking, wise-cracking jokers in SK literature- think Richie Tozier in It or Teddy Duchamp in The Body. Eddie's smart-assery is awesome, but I am intrigued by his transformation and redemption. I will be very sad if he dies. Don't tell me. I don't wanna know.

3) Frannie Goldsmith (The Stand) 
Frannie is awesome. She doesn't take any bullshit from anyone. She shoulda know better than to let creepy Harold Lauder tag along with her when she left Oganquit, but whatevs. SK writes strong women expertly. Frannie, Polly Chalmers (Needful Things) Sussanah Dean (The Dark Tower Series) are all kick ass chicks who aren't perfect and handle all the crazy shit going on around them with style and grace.

4) WOLF! (The Talisman) 
As I read Talisman's sequel Black House, all I wanted was for Jack to go to the Territories and find another Wolf. Man, I loved Wolf. In the same way I love Tom Cullen (The Stand). Stephen King manages to write these mentally challenged characters with dignity, warmth and extreme love. Characters like Wolf and Tom (and Dudders in Dreamcatcher and Sheemie Ruiz in The Tower) often have the answers that the protagonists can't see. They are often more than they seem. I like to think that these characters remind us that people who are often marginalised in our society are so valuable and important. 

5) Ray Garraty (The Long Walk) 
I remember the first time I read the long walk, I developed a bit of a crush on Ray Garraty. I visualised him as about my age (I was probably 14/15 at the time), sensitive and handsome, willing to do anything for his family. That story is harsh, dude. The Long Walk is a story ahead of it's time. Ray's world, where teenagers are disposable pawns used for the entertainment of the masses came way before The Hunger Games. King builds the desperation, injustice and violence of this world. It is shocking and so very sad. But Stephen King still manages to create these compelling, developed, intriguing characters. Ray was my hero. Go Go Garraty!

OK, there it is. I would love to think that someone who isn't a big King fan may think, 'Oh, OK, I might give one of his books a read, I didn't realise there was more to the Stephen King Universe than rabid dogs and creepy clowns.' 

There is, people. Heaps more. There is time traveling and love stories and humour and gunslinging and a fair amount of bad swears. All the bestest stuff.



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