Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Gavin and the Not-Real Girl

Sometimes, I think I am not a real girl. 

(I mean, I'm like, totally an actual girl- I have had babies and everything. Ask Gavin. He knows.) 

But, I'm referring to 'Girlness'. I recently met a large group of cosmetic salesgirls. (I'm not sure of the collective noun for a group of cosmetics girls, but I think it's a Shimmer. A Shimmer of Cosmetics Salesgirls.) They were all so beautiful and made up and perfect looking. And I couldn't help but think- that looks like a LOT of work. I am waaaay too lazy to be that fabulous.

It started me thinking- what other girly things do I not do?

SO, here we go....

- I pretty much never spend more that 10 bucks on any piece of clothing. Whether it be thrifting or bargain shopping in chain stores, I just don't see the point in spending a crap load of money on clothes. I love clothes and accessories, don't get me wrong, and I totally look awesome ALL THE TIME.....but I'm also a real tight wad. Tight Wad wins.

- I've had my eyebrows waxed maybe three times in my life. I have never had anything else waxed. Life can be annoying and painful enough without torturous hair removal. 

- I am well renowned and critically acclaimed in the field of burping.

- I don't really care about the makeup I buy. As long as I have a foundation, a mascara, some blush and a black eyeliner, I'm good to go. I do love my Maybelline mascara (the pink and green one- been buyin' it for years) but other than that, I'll just buy whatever. Usually whatever's cheap. See: Tight Wad. 

- I don't care if you leave the toilet seat up. I need it down, you need it up. Big Deal. Why is the way I want it supposedly the right way? I do think everyone needs to put the whole lot down- lid and seat, just cos it looks tidier. But I'm not gonna go all medieval on any male's ass for leaving the seat up. You know what I do? I put it down and get on with my life.

- I four pairs of shoes I actually wear. 2 pairs of boots, orange Mary-Janes and some thongs. I have some others, but I rarely wear them. I am the anti-Imelda. The Antimelda.

- I point out nice boobs to my husband. He appreciates it.

- I never wash my makeup off before bed. What's the point? I'm just gonna put more on tomorrow....

- Like most real girls, I do like handbags. But when I want a new one? I make it myself. 
Made from recycled vinyl and fabric from Reverse Garbage
Are you a real girl? What IS a real girl?


  1. I'm so with you here. Except on the toilet seat thing. But I live with 3 males so anything at all about the toilet irks me. And OMG I love that handbag!! Your creations are divine! x

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  3. I likely spend more than you on clothes, but possibly less frequently.

    I don't wear makeup unless I'm going out to a function.

    The only time I've ever had anything waxed was when it was part of a spa package someone else bought for me.

    I don't buy spa packages.

    The toilet seat issue irks me. I, too, put it down if it's up, and get on with my business. Though it has to be said, our seat and lid are always closed when not in use - we have a dog, and while he's never seemed to want to drink toilet bowl water, we don't want to encourage him either.

    You wear more mascara than I do. I only know of the type you're talking about because my mother uses it.

    I wear skirts every day, but due to religious requirements.

    I have 3 pairs of comfortable "dress" shoes. The rest of my shoes, maybe 5 more pairs in total, are a mix of sneakers and sandals. I also own 3 pairs of winter boots. One for shovelling the driveway, one for going out in and one for dry but cold days (they look like knit uggs).

    I love your blog.

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