About Tessiegirl

My name is Gillian. Or Gil, if you like. Or Tessiegirl. Or Princess Pirate Mummy..... 

This Blog is my creative space. It is where I share little glimpses of my life with a lovely English husband, an Awesome Teenager and twin 4year old monkey boys. My life isn't always easy or perfect and it is often fabulous and beautiful

I am an artist, a lazy crafter, a Flow Chart creator and enthusiast, a book nerd, a movie geek. I like stuff passionately and I love learning shit about stuff. I am a bit of a know it all and (sometimes) a bit of a dumbass.

Frequently asked Questions:

Why are you called Tessiegirl?
I started this blog with my mum as a face for our Fabric and Handbag design business, Tessie Design Company. We named our business after mum's mum- Toressa Rollston. I always wanted to name my daughter Tessie. I am a maker of boys, so I named my business and blog after her!
Tessie on her wedding day. What a babe.
Mum and I have since moved away from our handbag business and the blog evolved into my personal, albeit design, craft and art related one.

Tessie was my Nanna- and she was an awesome chick. Tessiegirl is a way for me to embrace my inner Tessie. She taught me that a woman can be strong and silly, resilient and vulnerable, wise and cheeky. 

If you were feeling down, Nanna would say:
"Put a bit of lippy on, darling." 

To me, that always meant, "Put your best face forward and just get on with it!"
That's a pretty cool life philosophy, isn't it?
Me and Nanna Christmas 1981
Me and Nanna January 2000
Are you taking on any Graphic Design customers at the moment.
Yes. Please contact me at tessiedesigncompany(at)gmail(dot)com for enquiries. You can see some of my previous design work here.

What's with the Flowcharts?
I love order. I like knowing how things go together. As a pop culture junkie, I see the connections in book and films and seek to lay 'em out so they are easier for me (and others) to understand.
I made my first chart about the novel 'A Visit to the Goon Squad' and the internet said, "We like that." 
I made my Stephen King Universe Chart and the internet said "You are speaking our language!!!" 
So my passion for charts and Infographics was ignited.

I hope that people can appreciate my charts as pieces of design, even if they are unfamiliar with the subject matter. Or that one of my charts might inspire them to go and read that book or series, watch that movie, or just to appreciate the interconnectivity of the universe....

Thanks for visiting!