Monday, 21 March 2011

5 Cool Things from Last Week!

1) We started the week at Victoria Point, playing on the sand flats with my oldest friend Linda and her gorgeous boys. So cute to see them looking out for the twins!
2) Gavin and I watched Team America on the Apple TV.
 hee hee... Inappropriate puppets are always funny...
3) I am trying to be positive about the fact that we were RAINED OUT of the Mamma's Market on Saturday. Totally our own fault.... Rookie Mistake= putting a Non-Waterproof marquee over our lovely fabric bags and cushions!!! 
BUT mum and I learned a lot about what we need to do to have an easy to set up, successful stall. The stalls inside the hall looked awesome and there were heaps of customers, so hopefully next time (21 May) we will be in the Hall!!
4) I went to Canvas at Woollongabba for afternoon drinks and tapas with my gorgeous freinds Mel and Ang (and Mels' gorgeous friend Nyssa!) on Sunday. How civilised!! No one had a nappy bag with them, no one had to breast feed anyone and there wasn't a baby wipe to be seen!!! It was just lovely.
5) Mum made these great upcycled Army knapsacks embellished with Tessie Fabric. I love love love them!!

And the unofficial #6- my sinus infection has finally cleared up. Yee-Hoo!

x Gil for Tessie Designs

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