Saturday, 9 June 2012

Visiting the Cavern

 This is me. At the Cavern Club in 2008. In Liverpool. The ACTUAL Cavern Club. Yeah Man.

When I stood there five years ago, I was overwhelmed.

I was thinking about my amazing Lovely Husband, who made it possible for me to fulfill that lifelong dream.

I was thinking about how from little things, big things grow.

I was thinking about worlds colliding, about discovering that  all those things you have read about in books, seen on film, that they are actually, totally real and out there. And you can see them and touch them and write your name on them.

I was thinking about two teenagers in Bundaberg, Queensland who fell in love with each other to the soundtrack provided by four other youngsters who started out in this very dingy, brick dungeon of a club. On that stage. Just over there.

And I was thinking about the music that was handed down to me. From those  teenagers from Bundaberg. From my parents. Music that became part of my DNA. Part of our families story.

So, this is my Dad. At the Cavern Club. Yesterday. And even though the pic is a little blurry, I can still see, in his smile,  that teenager: lead singer of 'The Few', boyfriend of avid Beatles fan Judy, young father who introduced his three little girls to music..... 

It meant so much to me to visit the Cavern Club in 2008. And it means a huge amount to me to know that my mum and dad visited the Cavern Club together in 2012.


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