Tuesday, 29 March 2011

It's All Good...

There hasn't been very much creativity flowing around here, as the last few days have been very interesting... if you define interesting as crazy, frustrating, exciting and full on! 

It started last week, when Eli realized he could climb into Jaspers cot. Sweet. The two of them snuggled up like little puppies is just about the cutest thing you will ever see.

Then, Eli realized he could just as easily vault over the side of his cot like an olympic high jumper! Ok, so it's time to take the fronts off their convertible cots, and make them into beds. BEDS! My little babies in BEDS! Gavin said he remembered putting the cots together thinking it would be such a long time before we would be converting them to BEDS! And here we are. Pretty soon Jasper and Eli will be Awesome Teenagers in aviators too.....

So, they are now in Big Boys Beds, and are trashing their room, opening the door, and basically having a crazy-wild-toddler party in there. At 5:30 in the morning. Hhmmmm. 
And don't get me started on the Nightmare Visit to the Shopping Centre yesterday!!

Then, this afternoon, I put this Sesame Street rug (made by Nanna Judy, inherited from Cousins Riley and Abi) on the floor of thier room (so they don't crack thier skulls while practising thier swan dives off the top rails of thier beds). They came into the room, threw them selves down on the rug, shouting 'Oh Wow!' and 'Look, Mummy!' They sat there for ages, hugging each other, chattering, playing and being generally gorgeous. 

This kinda sums it up. All, of a sudden, It's all good. 
 (i'll get back to you at 5:30 tomorrow morning.......)

 X Gilllian for Tessie Designs

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