Saturday, 30 April 2011

Aussie Yorkies

To Commemorate the Royal Wedding, and to help my Lovely Husband to not be too homesick last night, I made Roast Beef with Yorkshire Puddings! I KNOW! 

I am not a great cook, let's be honest. But, I wanted to try. 

With a recipe from the inter-google and some supportive words from my  beautiful mother-in-law (she is the Yoda of Yorkies), I gave it a bloody good crack!

My little Yorkies just outta the oven....
They rose!!!!
If in doubt, cover everything
with a crap-load of gravy!!!

So, the Yorkies were a bit stodgy and not
 super fabulous, but we had wine!
and funny hats! and a veil!
How cute are they?
He needs a funny hat, though...

It was fun to get caught up in the pageantry and spectacle of the event, wasn't it?

Hope you had a lovely Wedding Night!

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