Wednesday, 20 April 2011

my favourite.......

When I was in high school, I had an amazing Art Teacher- Miss Filippow. She was my mentor, my idol and my friend. She introduced my to the work of Australian Artist Vali Myers.
Vali's work captured my teenage imagination- the colours, the striking linework, the iconic style. I loved that Vali herself was one of her greatest works. Her style, lifestyle and image became a huge influence on me. I wanted to go and live in an artist commune in the mountains with the foxes and the owls and the hippies. I loved Vali so much, Mum even forbid me from getting tattoos on my face!! (which I never would have done.... although when she forbade me from leaving the house in my Madonna pointy bra, that was another story...)
Wu Man. Vali Myers 1970
In my life I have loved things passionately- The Beatles, Madonna, Morrissey, Platform Shoes... but the women who have inspired me most would have to be Simone Filippow, my Mum and Vali Myers, 

So, who influences and inspires you? As an artist, as a person, or even as a parent....  

x Gil for Tessie Designs

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