Saturday, 7 May 2011

date night

On our first date, when we laughed at the same parts of the movie, I thought- this guy is cool.
On our third date, when he made a map of the UK out of sugar packets, to show me where Torquay was, I thought, This man is awesome.
On our... maybe... twentieth date, when he invited my son to join us, and  he asked me to marry him, I thought, This man is the love of my life.

Sometimes, you have just gotta make time out, away from kids and the house and computers and work, to spend with your Lovely Husband!  Last night that's just what we did.

AND, I am so proud of my Awesome Teenager. He baby-sat his little brothers for the first time and it was a huge success. He told us we could go out again tonight if we wanted to! Cute.

X Gillian for Tessie Designs


  1. Awesome parents too! So glad to see you two spending some special time together Gilly....Good one Max.


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