Friday, 24 June 2011

Karaoke Therapy: blast from the past

On Wednesday Night, me and my very good Sal sang us some Karaoke.
Sal and I were regular Karaoke Queens back in the day.... (the early naughties... ahh, so long ago). It was a huge part of our friendship in those days and an outlet for both of us to live out our Broadway Star/ Rock Star fantasies.

 Singing on stage is something that makes me happy. At one stage of my life, singing could have been a potential career path, but as I got older and life played out (as it does), it became something I did just for me, something that made me feel good about myself.
Since Sal and I made our little people, our lives have changed. We still hang out, but now we play with plastic toasters, jump on trampolines and talk about poo and sleep and crazy toddlers.. And we regale each other with how clever and beautiful and smart our little boys are..... Because they are! Life has changed, and it is awesome.

But sometimes, as mums, I think we need to tap into that part of us that is just for us. That thing that instantly makes us feel better about ourselves. We used to call it Karaoke Therapy... and it still is. I don't think it will be as huge a part of our lives a it once was, but every now and then... rocking out some tunes with my Wingman is just what my soul needs.

What's your Therapy? What recharges your batteries and gives you that hit of inner feel-goodedness?

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