Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Reverse Push

When I was considering getting a sewing machine last month, I asked my sister if she had one that I could borrow, before I committed to buying one.

She said, 'Sure! I have one. It's a bit old, but it should be OK. I'll find it for you."

I said, "That would be RAD!"

A few days later, she phoned and said, "Sewing Machine found. It's a bit crap,  the cord is a bit frayed and it's a bit dirty. But you can still have it if you want."

We weren't sure if it worked and neither my sister or I have any sewing knowedge at all at this stage and  in my mind, it was a daggy looking yukky plastic thing.

So, I said, "hhmmm. Sounds a bit NOT RAD! I'll pass."

Yesterday, I met the Sewing Machine.

It's awesome. What a gorgeous old lady! While I totally don't want it as a sewing machine (Mrs. Janome is an ubermodern goddess) I totally love it! Look at the Knobs! And the dials! And the wooden base! And the dirt!

And I am totally in love with the 'Reverse' knob.

I consider this the original 'Ctrl+Z' command. From now on, when I wanna 'undo' on the computer, my brain will be saying "Reverse Push!!"

X Gillian for Tessie Designs


  1. I love it!
    I was debating buying a new machine and overlocker (never used an overlocker in my life, but Spotlight does that to a person) and then just dusted off my mother's old Singer from the early 90s.
    Ye gads - just realised that's 21 years ago!
    Still does the job. No 'reverse push' just an arrow zooming the other way.

  2. I'm still terrified of the thought of an overlocker!!! I know the feeling though- Spotlight Insanity- I want that, and that, and that!! Up until recently my mum was still using this cute little metal Elna from the seventies!


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