Monday, 11 July 2011

owls, cute girls and mistakes...

Over the last few weeks, I have made lots of mistakes. Lots. Every project I have worked on- somehow I managed to cock up some aspect of it. And I'm trying to work out why.

I created a brand profile for my sisters new cafe- logo, business cards, artwork.... I got the phone number wrong on the business cards, printed the artwork about 50 times larger than it was meant to be, then on the revised version, got a colour wrong. Dumbass.
 Cheeky Girl from Cheeky Little Place-
opening soon in Tasmania. All Dumbass problems
were fixed and I am so proud to
have been able to do this project for my sister Deb.
I am creating a range of cut and sew printed owls. I designed the little guys, then laid them out on a yard of fabric and got it printed through Spoonflower. I was super excited about them, and they took forever to arrive in the post. And when they did? All the wings are right wings. No left. These guys aren't flyin' anywhere. Again.. Dumbass.

I am actually pretty happy with how the printed owls came out... And he might even fly!

So, then I entered a fabric design contest at Spoonflower. The brief was to create a butterfly inspired fabric, using the colours specified by Spoonflower. Each colour has a number code. Guess who made a typo, entering the wrong numbers for the green specified, which meant the green I used was totally wrong. And instead of revising the image, as you are supposed to do, I deleted it... which means its outta the competition! And I really liked it! Can I get a "DUMBASS!" please people!!
My  Rockabilly Butterfly Girls design... with the correct green! 

And over the weekend, it seemed that the universe was continually messing with me... just bugging me with little annoyances like dropped things, banged fingers, forgotten things. 

It made me ask the universe out loud, "What am I meant to be learning here? What lesson are you trying to get across?! Cos I don't get it, and you are just pissing me off!!" My Lovely Husband thinks that I need to sow down, take more time with things. With my art, I need to get someone to check my work before I order/ upload whatever. In my life, I have a limited amount of time to get things done, and I guess I don't want to wait for help.. I just wanna get 'er done!! 

SO, I am going to listen to the Universe. I will Stop. Slow down. Think, before I fly off into a manic whirlwind of getting things done. And I will ask for help. 

Do you feel like there is a lesson you need to learn? How do you know what the lesson even is?

x Gillian for Tessie Designs


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