Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Even When I'm Sleeping

Bedtime in our house can be crazy. The twins go to bed willingly and with no trouble around six thirty every night. That has never been a problem. They then spend up to an hour running around their room, dragging the matresses off their beds, jumping, laughing, banging, crashing, pulling all the clothes out of the drawers and peeling the paint off the walls. Literally. They peel the paint off the frickin' walls!!! What is that?!!

And then, after they have accomplished sufficient destruction, they will curl up together and go to sleep. How cool would it be to have a best friend to wreck stuff with, then cuddle up to every night?
In other news, since I currently have no-one to wreck stuff with, or cuddle up to, I have replaced the Lovely Husband with an enormous mountain of clean washing. 
The washing pile doesn't care when I flick around the channels with the remote control, which is awesome, but it doesn't spoon me. Stupid washing pile. If only someone would fold you and put you away.....

x Gillian

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