Saturday, 8 October 2011

Girls Night

Ooh, look at those beautiful stylish ladies. They are out in public, at a chi-chi-poo-poo bar, being fabulous WITHOUT THIER CHILDREN!! (9 children collectively to be precise. That's a lot of children to escape from!!)

They should talk and reminisce and laugh and drink some lovely wine.

And then they should eat cheese and cured meats and artichoke hearts and olives for dinner. 'Cos they can. 

And maybe they should have some cocktails.....
And dance to some eighties music at a club in the Valley......

Whoah! What happened!! Look how much fun they are having! Look at how they have no idea of the crippling hangovers waiting for them in the morning!

Awesome night with awesome girls = hangover = TOTALLY WORTH IT!!

When was your last girls night out?

*ps: Having my parents staying with me this week must be making me regress- My Daddy dropped me at my friends house, I drank too much, Mum waited up for me and I pretended I wasn't drunk when I came in at 2:45am... 

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