Tuesday, 3 January 2012

hey 2012

I'm a-comin' for ya... 
Me and my new haircut..

Resolutions are kinda stoopid- no one seems to be able to keep them. Especially me.
Instead, I am starting my  

Hey 2012 To Do List.
1) Focus on my health... and lose 12kg
2) Go out dancing with my husband
3) Prioritise our home- painting, fixing, making it awesome
4) Expand my design experience and opportunities
5) De-stress...Start a yoga class
6) Find 3 brick and mortar stores for my Tessie Products
7) Have solo outings with each of my 4 boys
8) Spend more time in Op Shop and Vintage stores
9) Go camping with my family
10)Work towards our future goals

So, I figure, seeing as I love a good list, it will be easier for me to try and achieve some if these. I know some of them are pretty airy fairy and non-specific, but whatever dude, it's my list and I can make it how I like.

I spend a lot of my life listening to my internal voice. The one that tells me I am stupid, fat, ugly and that I am always doing it wrong. This year, I am gonna tell that voice to shut the hell up.

And I think that's what you should do too. If your internal voice is a jerk, that is.... 
Perhaps you have a lovely,  supportive internal voice that tells you, "Wow, you are totally awesome! Everyone thinks you are ace. You smell like cinnamon." 
If so, maybe our internal voices can get together for a play date? Although, my internal voice would probably just bully yours until it got an eating disorder....

Do you have a 2012 To Do List? Or a jerky Internal Voice?

x gillian


  1. Gilly, this is great... Aunty M x

  2. Love it! And I love your new hair!

    I'm getting my list together... but what if my internal voice and some external voices have teamed up to make me feel really bad all the time?

    Is this when I need to line up my internal voice and those attached to the external voices and kick them all to the kerb?

    Shelley xo

  3. Shelley- abso-frickin-lutely! All negative voices, internal or external, can suck it. Kick 'em!


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