Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Curvy Girls are so hot right now...

A few weeks ago, I submitted some artwork for consideration for Curvy Magazine's 8th Edition. Curvy is an annual Australian published magazine featuring female artists from around the world. It is uber cool and pretty prestigious- there were like 1100 entires this year by some amazing chicks.
No, I didn't make the cut. BUT, I was super proud of the pieces I created and it was a great catalyst for some new illustration work. I am also now really motivated to submit work for more publications in the future.

These pieces were inspired by this blog post and also this one. I have been seeking to be more positive and more open to accepting opportunities of late. But I am also more open to saying 'No' and being my authentic self. 
Yes and No can be a tricky balance, don't you find? Both are empowering, and both can be restrictive... 
Man, why is does everything have to be so frickin' complicated? I wish I was like Foofa on Yo Gabba Gabba, where the most difficult thing I had to do in a day was buckling my seatbelt....

Wise up, Foofa. There is some serious shit going on in the world....

SO, even though my submission was unsuccessful, I am really happy with this work, and I will totally be pestering Curvy Magazine next year! Maybe I should draw a picture of Foofa as the first female President of the USA....


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