Saturday, 17 March 2012

Looking at my semi-sucky week....

A little snapshot of my week in pictures. I have been making flower pins, drawing, hanging with the little boys and the big boys, making crowns... you know, my rockstar life..


Me swearing as I reversed into a ute at the shopping centre, while the monkeys shouted, "SING THE RANGO SONG MUMMY! SING THE RANGO SONG MUMMY!" 

Me writing a whole blog post about how awesome the teenager is, moments before The Awesome Teenager came dangerously close to losing his Awesome rating. The blog post may have to wait for a while... The Awesomeness Commissioner was contacted and the judgement is still pending. 

The Lovely Husband swearing at me* when he noticed the broken taillight, while the monkeys shouted, "SING THE HERCULES SONG DADDY! SING THE HERCULES SONG DADDY!" 

The seven-hundredth viewing of 'Hoodwinked Too'

Highlight= Me checking out everyone's blog recaps of the Say Hello Workshop.  Brisbane Bloggers are gonna rule the universe soon!

How was your week?

I'm linking up with Eden's Fresh Horses Brigade. Neigh, dude.

Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade

* Edited to add: My Lovely Husband did not swear at me when I broke the tail light. He may have sworn at the situation, which was warranted, but he did not swear at me. He does not swear at me. He is lovely. 


  1. So much to love in this.
    The pipe-cleaner crown of awesome.
    The cat who just has to come up and say hi when you point a camera at them.
    Cheeky son doing an "if I have to smile for the camera, Mum, then make it quick" look.
    Swirly art and leather/crochet florals.

  2. Loved this. I think I loved what wasn't photographed just as much. :)

  3. Haha got to leave it to the Awesomeness Commissioner sometimes. I enjoyed this post, lovely!

  4. Thanks guys. Suckiness and Awesomeness are often millimetres away from each other, aren't they?

  5. Sometimes the higher power of the Awesomeness Commissioner is the best way to go. great variety of photos, Bugger about the tail light....

  6. Thanks Lydia. Do u think I could get away with making the Awesome Teenager pay for the broken tailight, because I was distracted and thinking about his UN-Awesome behavior when I was reversing? I'll ask the Commissioner...

  7. Best post I've read all day! *off to make myself a pipecleaner crown*

  8. This is GORGEOUS!!!! What beautiful pics. Beautiful kids .. beautiful doodles.

    Neigh, dude. xx

  9. Thanks Eden. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Neigh indeed. x x

  10. Great pics!! Loving your new flower pins. Bummer about the tail light! Remind hubby that you & the monkeys are alright & that's what really matters ;)

  11. Can you tell I'm a little behind on my blog reading? Clearly I am. ;) Great post. I LOVE the summary at the end. And heck YES Brisbane bloggers are going to rule the world.


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