Tuesday, 3 July 2012

making my day

I like days like this. Days when all my boys are with me. 
The Awesome Teenager is becoming more elusive and time spent with him is getting rarer. That's how it goes with these teenager people, though, isn't it? A vague presence in your home, emerging for food and to request the reconnection of internet networks.... He is so clever and explains geeky stuff to m. He loves pop culture almost as much as me. And he still kisses us goodnight every night, so I think we are good.

The twins are hilarious and continually evolving. Eli has started using the word 'actually' with alarming regularity. "Well, actually mummy, I just really need a little tiny bit of yoghurt." Well, if you actually need it. Not figuratively. All right then.

Jasper refers to Eli as "My little brother" or "My best friend Eli". Both are ridiculously adorable. He introduces Eli to me daily. "Mummy, this is my little brother Eli!" Complete with Game Show Host style hand gestures and intonations.

My Lovely Husband continues to be lovely. He supportive and encouraging. Sometimes, all I need is for him to say, "You look nice." and I am OK. I love that he MUST say 'heinous' in a stupid way, repeatedly, every time we watch Law and Order SVU. I love that he makes Jasper laugh his weird dirty old man laugh. 

Life is stupid and complicated and annoying a lot of the time. But then, it's not. It's colouring in at a cafe. It's taking pictures in the sunlight. It's being with the man I love and the boys I have created. My days are made by the little tiny (actual) details.

What are the little things that make your day?


  1. Hey Gillian! Great photos! The red background was a really good idea! BTW, I like your shoes - LOL!

  2. Oh, I almost forgot. Have you seen this book flowchart - reminded me of you! http://www.upworthy.com/101-books-to-read-this-summer-instead-of-50-shades-of-grey?g=2

  3. thanks Libby! Yeah, I have seen that one- love it, love it!!

  4. Sounds like you have an awesome family there. Truly blessed x


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