Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Not so super hooper....

So, I am trying to lose some weight. Medication, chocolate and too much wine have combined against me. My well meaning neighbor asked me recently if I was having another baby. 'No, Just fat! But thanks for asking!!'

A few weeks ago, I had a brain wave. It is notoriously hard to get away from my children  find the time to exercise, so I thought a perfect solution would be something I could do at home whether the boys were there or not. And what would be that perfect thing??

Hula Hooping!!

I picked up a couple of hula hoops from Big W and was filled with a new motivation and sense of purpose. I was ready to  hula the shit outta that hoop and lose my wine belly before you could say, "Semillion Blanc, anyone?"

But guess what? I can't hula hoop. 

That thing hit the floor a millisecond after I flung it around my waist.  My hips and waist seemed to be fighting on opposite sides of a very uncoordinated battle. 

The thing is, I just ASSUMED I would be able to do it. Who knew that hula hooping is an acquired talent?!? I thought everyone could do it. 

I told my Lovely Husband of my failure.

Lovely Husband: "Show me.  Surely it can't be that bad?" 

Fling. Clatter. (the sound of stupid hoop hitting the floor)

Lovely Husband: "Wow. I thought it would at least go around once or twice. You really can't do that, can you?"

Me: "I KNOW! It is so disappointing and confusing 'cos I was REALLY AWESOME at hula hooping on the Wii."

Lovely Husband: "You realise there is no actual hoop involved with Wii hula hooping. It's just wiggling your hips."

Me: "Hhhmmm. That explains a lot."

Have you ever assumed you could do something you totally couldn't do?


  1. I am a hula hooper (I can even do it with fire, pretty cool, eh?) but when I first started hooping as an adult, having not tried since I was about eight, I totally failed. Could not keep the damn thing up. But I kept trying and trying and eventually learned two things that will help you hoop. I promise. I have given these two tricks to DOZENS of people and they all did it!
    1) The hoop wants to follow a circle, because it is a circle. Humans, in cross section, are an oval, wider from side to side than front to back. So, to make you hips a circle, you have to move them forward and back (yep, it's kinda a thrusting motion. Most people start by trying to move their hips in a circle, and it doesn't work. Trust me. Front and Back motion for the win.
    2) Try turning in the same direction the hoop is moving. You'll be amazed how much easier it makes hooping! You're essentially slowing the motion of the hoop relative to your body ('cause you're turning with it) which makes it way easier to control.

    Try it and I hope it gets easier! Hooping is a ton of fun, once the damn thing will keep going!


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