Friday, 17 August 2012

Order and Drawing

So I am getting to know my Wacom Intuos* drawing tablet. The above drawing was done totally in Illustrator with the pen and tablet. This is an awesome bit of kit. It is giving me the freedom to just DRAW straight into the program, as opposed to sketching, scanning, converting, fiddling, mucking around. 

There is life in these lines.

Oh, and I like order..... I like to know what's going on. 

I need certain things to be in order. I need the sound on the TV to be set to a factor of 5... 25 for daytime, 35 for night time when the boys are running around making lots of noise.

I need the remote controls to be either in their tub on the side table or lined up parallel to each other on the armrest.

I actually LIKE spoilers. I like to know what's coming. I can't watch a film these days without checking IMDB to read the trivia about it.. to see who the producer was, to see what else that minor extra has been in. I like to know the stupid little details that no one else cares about. And then I like to TELL people (see: My Lovely Husband) those details. Sometimes he says, "Oh, that's interesting." 

Sometimes his eyes glaze over and he says, "Why do you KNOW that?"

Do you like order? Do you like my drawing?
*this is not a sponsored post or anything. I just like my tablet. I WISH I was that kind of blogger- who got sent drawing tablets and stuff for free!! but I'M NOT. I got sent some baby bash wash a while ago. It was OK. But you can't draw girls with baby bath wash, CAN YOU??? :-)


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