Friday, 21 September 2012

Friday Top Five: Firsts

Here is the first installment of what I hope will become a regular feature.. and maybe a linky in the future!!

I love lists. 

I will be sharing, and asking you to share your Top Five Lists in different cataegories. On Friday. So it's called Tessiegirl's Friday Top 5!!

Am I over explaining this? Sure!

Ok, because this is the first edition, todays list is:


1) FIRST CONCERT: I like to tell people it was Morrissey in 1991, but it was actually the Hoodoo Gurus in about 1989. I went with 2 girls who I have no memory of, other than one of them shaved her arms. In Grade Ten. I thought that was weird.

2) ALBUM: Mum and Dad had such an awesome album collection, I was spoilt for good music. The Beatles, The Yardbirds, The Animals... All the 'The's' from the sixties. When I finally bought music with my own money, it was 'We Built this City' on 45. Not cool. And the first full length album? Billy Joel. 'The Bridge'. Also not super cool. 
I wanna change my answer. First single on 45.... 'Love Will Tear Us Apart: Joy Division. First Album: The Queen is Dead- The Smiths.

You don't know! You weren't there!

3) FIRST LOVE: Grade One. His name was Nico Papagianis. He looked like a little greek Ray Martin impersonator. He didn't know I was alive.

4) FIRST CIGARETTE: Dec 1991. Moreton Island. Worst Schoolies Week EVER. 
LAST CIGARETTE: Dec 2007 when Gavin and Max and I moved into this house together. I am so glad my Lovely Husband encouraged me to kick it. Sometimes I have dreams where I forget that I don't smoke.. and I smoke. And I wake up thinking, "Oh No! I am a smoker again! What the hell?!"

5) FIRST CAR: I came late to the whole driving thing. I was 32 when I got my license. I bought my first car in Aug 2006. It was a Mazda something and I loved it because I  bought it with my own money that I earned and saved up. So there.

What are your Top Five Firsts? What was your first album? Why didn't Nico Papaginis love me?


  1. This is so cool - can I post about it tomorrow ? And can I choose any firsts ? Mainly because I can't remember what my first concert was, who my first love was and I never smoked !!!
    Have a great day and thanks for sharing with us !

    1. Absolutely!!!! You can choose any firsts you like! First pet? First House? Whatever! Im glad you like it and I'll look forward to seeing your Top Five Firsts... hhmmm maybe I should work out how to to a linky... might have to ask Tonya for help!


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