Tuesday, 18 September 2012

SO the Universe has changed our plans.

SO, Gavin, the little boys and I are meant to be half way between Broken Hill and Burke, on route to the Flinders Ranges today.

But we are not. We are here in our house. 


We were heading to the Flinders Ranges for a field checking trip for my Lovely Husbands Company Hema. Three weeks on the road, capturing data and seeing some awesome sights. The Awesome Teenager was staying behind for school and general school holiday teenage shenanigans

On Saturday, we packed up the camper trailer, sorted out the Map Patrol, organised the neighbours to feed the cat, all ready to leave on Sunday morning. I finally had my head around the idea of driving to South Australia with 2 toilet-training-in-progress 3 years who are going thru a UBER CRAZY stage. I had written my lists, ticked things off and written more lists

Then our Lovely neighbour Steve reversed into the Map Patrol and rendered it undrivable*. It will not be fixed until the end of the week.

So the trip is OFF.

Yes, we could reorganise everything, push the trip back a week, unpack, repack, rebook... all that, but, I am just so tired. Tired of everything being hard and complicated. We are also all sick. I have had the flu for almost 2 weeks and Gavin and the kids have come down with it over the last few days. Jasper is currently walking around like a miserable zombie, coughing and saying, "Mummy, I am not very well." 

Too frickin' hard.

So, as my mum would say, I have made a Management Level Decision. Gavin is having a few days off to recover from his flu. I may have to confiscate his gadgets and FORCE him to rest. He will still find a way to work though, I'm sure. THEN, we are just going to go to Harvey Bay for a few days and camp and rest and try and take a flippin' breath.

Life has been really challenging around here lately, and we were really looking forward to the break. I choose to believe that the Universe had it's reasons for killing this trip and that we may never know what they were. Or not. The universe could just be a jerk. Whatevs. I don't care. I am all about solutions right now, and I am making them happen.

The universe better not mess with me any more this week. Or I'm gonna get medieval on it's ass.

*No one was hurt, the vehicle is an insured company one and there are WAAAY worse things that could have happened. We are very lucky people who's lives are comfortable and happy. These are all First World problems. Yep, I know all this :-)


  1. Sounds like the universe wanted you to rest and recoup. Hope you all feel better soon.

    1. Yep, I think that is exactly right Lisa. Forced rest! We are all a little better now- looking forward to heading off!

  2. The universe always knows best, like mummy. (well sometimes mummy knows what's best!!!)

  3. Sounds like the ymiverse knows something you don't. I hope everyone is feeling better soon.
    Take care and travel safely when you do manage to get away !
    Me xox

    1. Yep, I beleive that too Linda. And I gotta just trust the Universe, dont i?

  4. Oh dear. And yet you've found a humourous angle to this, as you always do (or were you just reporting the facts and I'm being a mean friend and laughing?) Good choice and good that you made a choice. Good that Gav knows that he shouldn't mess with a lady who's made a choice. Enjoy Harvs and the power you will experience in confiscating items and forcing Gav to rest! Love you Gilly.

    1. Thanks Melly. You can laugh, it's ok :-) See you when we get back!


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