Thursday, 13 December 2012

Family Portrait

How beautiful are these leaves? 
How cute is my family? 
I don't have those My Family stickers on my car (because they make me wanna punch a kitten) but I am totally going to tape these leaves to my rear window. 

The end.
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  1. I think I love you a little more, I too want to punch something when I see those my family stickers, I can NOT stand them.

  2. Yep. They are so annoying. For so many reasons. I could rant for days..... but I won't! I love you too, by the way :-)

  3. You better not look at my car then :-( of the biggest satisfactions I got from my husband leaving was 'ripping him off the back of the car window!' LOL who new removing a simple sticker could be so symbolic and emotionally cleansing? LOL :-)

  4. Love your family portrait - great work !!! Sorry to say I love my family stickers - getting a new car next week so going to have to buy more stickers !!!!
    Have a great weekend !


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