Sunday, 9 December 2012

hey blog

Hey Blog.
How you doing? 
It's been a while, yeah? 
I have missed you. I think about you all the time... But for some reason, I can't seem to make it here. 
To you.
I think of stories I wanna tell you..

Crap stories, like how a lady patted my stomach at work the other day, and said cheerily, "Oh, is there another one in there? You're brave, aren't you?" I replied, "No, I'm just fat." When I saw the horrified look on her face, I felt bad. It's not her fault. It's wines fault.

Cool stories, like  how I have finished updating my Stephen King flow chart and am looking to send it to print very soon. It is awesome and I think the Stephen King people are going to like it. A LOT.

Or how Gav and I went to the pool while all the kids were away. Just the two of us. Nothing special. It was just lovely.

I wanna talk to you about how things have been hard and shit fairly consistently for the last few months. But I don't want to sound like a whinger. I know there are people who have it way harder than I do. I know my problems are lame and I should  just shake it off and get on with it. I would if I could, Blog. I totally would. I feel stuck. I don't wanna be stuck.

I think about the fun times we have had. Like when we were on the New Yorker Online. And all the cool people we have met together. And how I am super proud of you and feel very guilty for neglecting you.

I miss you Blog. But I'll see you real soon.

*could also be written to all my friends and most of my family.

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  1. Sometimes we need to be kind to ourselves and pull back and take a break. Go easy Hun on yourself and your expectations of yourself. The ups and downs are all part of what makes us. Despite the struggles you make mention to it sounds as though there re moments of light and fun. Sometimes when the light and fun are between the crappy stuff it's easy to want to keep as a private memory than one shared. Just know we here, we love you and when you're back, you're back, beautiful lady. X

    1. Thanks Trude. So much. I appreciate your support more than you realise. You're awesome x x x

  2. I asked a lady how long she had to go whilst working in a restaurant when I was about 18. Rookie mistake which I have never repeated. Unless this person is 18 or simple in some way there is no excuse for this kind of behaviour. Wine is nice x x x

    1. This lady is neither of those things! My sister says you should never ask a woman if she is pregnant unless you can see a baby coming out of her vagina right at that moment.


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