Monday, 14 January 2013

Liking things

I like the internet. I like communities.

I like kooky geeks who love stuff passionately.

I like dialogues about the details.

I don't like elitism.

Or segregation. Or exclusivity based on perceived hierarchies.

I don't like that if I don't like something you like, I'm probably just a stupid 'Hater'

If I tell you I don't like it, Man I must be such a 'Troll'

If I like something you don't like, I am a mindless 'Fangirl'

If I stand up for the thing you don't like, I am a lame 'Whiteknighter'

I don't like if we do like the same thing, I probably don't 'qualify' to like it and am a 'Wannabe'... or a fake

I TOTALLY accept that there are people who really are all of these things. Trolls can be mean, vicious, seriously messed up creatures. But, let's not all jump to labeling anyone who doesn't love the thing we love the exact same way we do, as an extreme negative.

Internet, why can't you just adhere to "Wheaton's Law" ? 

Don't be a Dick. Listen to Wil Wheaton.

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  1. I hope nobody has been picking on you !!! That sounds awful.
    Take care !

  2. No, not me. I have just observed a lot of jerky behavior on the old interwebz of late!

  3. When you "like" stuff, why can't you say to yourself - I quite like that, and go about your daily business without telling the whole world? That is my question for the day. Internal liking is just as good as performance art liking!!!

    1. You are totally right there smart lady!! I like you heaps. But don't tell anyone. :-)

  4. I'll tell you what I like. The other day my 9 year old son came to me and said "mum, some times when I go to make a chewbacca sound at you (we like to do that in our house) I forget how to do it until I do it. I admitted to him that every time I go to make a chewbacca noise at him I am scared I will forget.
    I like that.
    I like chewbacca.
    And I love you x x x

  5. You are hilarious. Tell Levi that's how I feel when I make a skeksi noise x

  6. Goddam philistines think it's scary, won't watch it, olgra free house. Imagine that.

  7. What! No Olgra! No Chamberlain! They are missing out. Tell them how fun it is to say 'Trial by stone!' in a skeksi voice...

  8. Ever since I read your post 'trial by stone' in a skeski voice has been a constant sound track to my brain. 3 days now, still not sick of it.


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