Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Scared Much?

I am not scared of monsters.... 

But I am scared of the little midget in the suit in Twin Peaks who speaks backwards.... And of Twin Peaks' Bob. That guy freaks the freak outta me.

Really, I am scared of anything that is done in that jerky movement, stop animation-y type way... I would be terrified by an episode of Pepper Pig if Daddy Pig suddenly started doing that jerky backwards thing.....

I used to be scared of thunder storms. Well, it started out as a fear of Nuclear War... I saw ads for that movie 'The Day After' I didn't even see the movie- just the AD! This then evolved into a fear of thunder storms. So, then I was afraid of Nuclear War, Thunder Storms AND the ghost lady who came into my room at night when I called out for my mum. She said she WAS my mum. But she totally wasn't. This was in, like, Grade 2.

I am not really scared of spiders or snakes. I don't wanna marry them, but I'm not gonna run into traffic to get away from them. But I DO NOT LIKE anything furry that has little black shiny eyes. Mice, Rats, Bandicoots, Antonio Banderas.... they all creep me out. Imagine a movie about a backwards talking, stop animation-y jerky little mouse voiced by Antonio Banderas!!! I would run ALL THE WAY into traffic and set up a home there. Forever.

What are you scared of?

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  1. I HATE rodents. Anything rodenty and I'm freaked out, run into traffic if there was any, freaked out. Yuck.

  2. I am scared of people that come into a cafe and want to 'do' a skinny latte, or 'do' a pear and raspberry Danish. That shit is just not right. Julia should launch a royal commission.
    Also toads, live in Tasmania now and rats. 1984 anyone?

  3. You are HILARIOUS! Hahahahaha!


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