Monday, 7 January 2013

Two take on the world

So. My little babies started Kindy today. What the hell! How did that happen? They were little tiny peanuts in the Special Care Nursery with tubes up their noses who could fit in Gavin's hand, like two seconds ago! In his Hand!

But no. They are big boys. They are awesome little creatures who can articulate their thoughts and feelings. CONSTANTLY. Ask their Kindy teacher. She probably heard our deepest darkest secrets as told by three and a half year olds today. These independent, self possessed people, who were once my little tiny twin babies. 

Time is doing my head in. It passes. Did you know this? It frickin' passes! Babies grow up. They go to school. They learn to ride bikes. Then they become teenagers. They get hairy legs. They get girlfriends. Then they leave. Then you are old.  Whoah... I think I better back that truck up outta that particular worm hole, before I am signing up for funeral insurance and planning where I want my ashes scattered. Hang on, Gavin and I had that conversation LAST NIGHT!!!! (I no longer want my ashes to be mixed into paint, and have all my friends paint a mural of flowers and peace signs and love with that paint.  I must be a grown  up now)

Back to cute pictures......
Eli is going through a stage where he doesn't want his photo taken. My mum believes this is his protest against the sheer amount of pics he has had taken in his little life. Well, suck it up dude, your Dad's a photographer and your mum is a blogger! Get used to the flash, my darling!! 

So he makes goofy faces and hides when the camera comes out. We managed to get him today (in the blue shirt), but it was obviously super sunny!! Squinty much?

My beautiful husband was challenged today- watching our little boys take this big step. But he handled it well and is the superest daddy who ever daddied.

How was your kids first day at Kindy/ school?  

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  1. You think it makes you feel old??? My youngest grand babies went to kindy yesterday. How did that happen? Then again We don't feel old, just the same in ever changing bodies!! These super cute boys are a part of our possie of fantastic and quirky grandchildren. Aren't we LUCKY!!!!!!

    1. You are the most glamorous nanna of seven I ever did see x x x x

  2. I absolutely love reading your snippets of life! Don't stop

    1. Oh, thanks Karen! That's lovely to hear x x x Hope you and your family are well x


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