Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Eleven Things

Hey there. I'm not sure if you remember me, but my name is Gil. I write a blog called Tessiegirl.........

Anyhoo, I'm back, I'm blogging! Yippee!

I though a good way to reignite was to (finally) complete a challenge set for me by the lovely Linda of My Journey, Am I There Yet? She gave me a list of Questions to answer and a challenge to tell you eleven things about me. 

And because everyone MUST know more about me, here goes.......

11 Random Things About Me
1) I can't ride a bike

2) My eldest sone doesn't have a middle name. He has a hyphenated surname, so he still has three names. I told him when he was little he could choose his own. I expected him to choose Batman or Awesome or Power Ranger or something. He chose Stephen.

3) I had a promising stand up comedy career in the early 2000's that I abandoned because I was scared of talking to the other comedians before gigs. I am very shy.

4) I was on Sale of the Century in 2005. I was beaten by that red headed guy who is now on Shaun Micallef's Mad as Hell show. I only won the souvenir gold ingot. I sold it last year for $300.

5) I gave birth to my twins at aged 34, at 34 weeks gestation. They were born naturally and one of them was breech.

6) I am a very fast reader.

7) I don't like bananas.

8) My maternal great grandfather was the last family owner of a castle in Scotland. It is now a ruin, but I visited it in 2008

9) My husband and I will have been married for five years in October.

10) I ALWAYS have painted toenails. I never paint my fingernails as I am a chronic nail biter.

11) I wish I could have gone to Woodstock.

Now, here are the answers to the questions Linda set:

11 Questions
1.  Chocolate or vanilla ice-cream?
Neither. Some kind of honeycomb-et, toffee type thing. Hokey Pokey, come to mumma!

2.  Dogs or cats?
Definately Cats. Although my parents new puppy Roger is such a funny lunatic, I may being swayed to the doggy side...

3.  What is your favourite season?
Winter. Scarves, boots, jackets= awesome
4.  Laptop or desk top?
Currently, Desktop.

5.  Jeans or dresses/skirts?
Jeans. Although, I am currently too fat to wear them comfortably…

6.  Participate or watch?
Wait, What are we talking about here.

7.  Electronic diary or pen and paper?
Pen and Paper. ‘Cos I have lovely penmanship. And I am 85 years old

8.  Snow or beach?
I have never seen snow. But I think I would like it heaps.

9.  Chips or wedges?
Chips. With sour cream and sweet chilli sauce.

10. Morning or night person?
Neither. I am a sleep person. I like to sleep. I will sleep in the morning or the night. I am not fussy.

11. Gold or silver?
Silver. Although I am a huge Spandau Ballet fan…..

Ok, that's me. Thanks Linda for the inspiration!!

If anyone wants to answer any of the above questions, or tell me Eleven Things about you, that would be awesome.


  1. Goodness women you crack me up. You're a gorgeously funny "tool" that admire dearly your talent and shy sweet nature.

    I've been meaning to do the same post in response to Linda but I seriously don't think I could make my readers laugh out loud like you have me.

  2. Oh, Thanks Love! You should definitely do it. It's fun. :-)

  3. I laughed out loud Gillian when I read number 7. "Are you ashamed of your uncle? Do I embarrass you?… Haven’t I always been a good uncle?… Who told you when you went to school that you print well?… When he was younger, he had a beautiful penmanship. I used to encourage him to print… I remember your ‘V.’ It was like a perfect triangle. Whoa, there’s my bus!”

    Anne xx

  4. This was so much fun to read Gil. x

  5. Gil! You are a crack up. I would have loved to see you do stand up, is there any YouTube of you?

  6. YAY that you are back - I loved learning more about you !!!!!
    LOL - participate or watch ? I was thinking sport but I can see why you asked the question !!!!
    Thanks so much for playing along - it's so good to learn more about fellow bloggers.
    Have the best week ever ! Love, hugs and positive energy !


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