Friday, 8 March 2013

Five Beautiful Boys

I had the pleasure of spending some time with my nephews a few weeks ago. It was to lovely to see all five of the boys my sister and I have made together. They really do look like  a set, don't they!

Seeing these boys together, it made me, as I often do, think about the responsibility of creating men. These five boys are all in very different stages of their boyhood. Two are just beginning. Two are in the middle and the biggest one is just about done. He is the end product, I guess.

I look at these five boys and I am incredibly proud.  Proud of the ones I made, and of the ones my sister had made. 

I think being a man must be really hard sometimes. Conflicted and confusing. I want my boys to be the kind of men who I would want to know.

I look at these five boys and I know they are going to be wonderful men.

This is a song that has always made me think of my Awesome Teenager, when he was little, and now- when life is happening to him while he makes other plans. He is on the cusp of the whole entire world. It's all there for him. He just has to take it. Then these other four boys, who, in turn will become men, will follow him. 

It is a long way to go..... but in the mean time....

Making men. Do you think it's a hard job?

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*These five boys also have two girl cousins. Those two chicks are awesome and I love them very much. But this post is about boys. Sorry girls!!

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