Friday, 15 March 2013

Televisually Speaking

So I watch TV. I always have. I like it heaps. I can't stand people who say, 'Oh, I don't even HAVE a TV... Or, 'We only watch ABC and SBS'... (When I was in primary school, my best friend was only allowed to watch the ABC. I was so chuffed to introduce her to Countdown! And her mum HAD to let us watch it, cos it was on the ABC. Loophole!)

I am sure there are awesome people out there who don't have TV's or who only watch ABC and SBS, but I'm talking about douchebag hipsters who only do certain things so they can SAY they do them in a superior way. You know these people. "Oh, my 3 yo only wears clothes made of hemp, has developed his own iPhone App, is homechooled and speaks Mandarin" 

Whatever, hipster. My 3yo wore a skivvy as pants all morning yesterday, and gave 'birth' to his teddys through the neck hole. I WIN.

Anyhoo, I like the television. We watched a fair amount of TV as kids.. The Muppets, Sesame Street, The Goodies, Monkee, Days of Our Lives, Who's the Boss, Happy Days... we were normal young Gen Xers in training. We also had an awesome family life full of experiences and fun. We are not freaks. It's totally normal to know the theme song to 'Facts of Life' but not be able to remember your own mobile phone number...

My kids watch TV. I have no issue with it. I am not going to say the 'hours per day' or whatever, cos I am sure someone will tell me I am melting thier brains. They play, they draw, they laugh, the fight, they watch some TV. Like normal people. I get so tired of people blaming TV for everything. What is going to be blamed when the hempwearing home schoolers grow up and turn into jerks? Everything in moderation, you know? 

My kids have fantastic vocabularies, They are well spoken and confident communicators. I think that is partially down to the influence of TV. They hear people communicating, they hear words and sentences they may not ordinarily hear. Thanks, TV.

....... This post was suppposed to be a post about my current Favourite TVshows, but I got sidetracked by that big high horse sitting over there. Just had to climb it. Whoops.

So, here is my current TV Top Five 

5) American Restoration
I like old crap. This show is about making old crap look new again! What's not to love? Rick is very good at what he does and seems like a nice bloke. His kid and the other lesser cast members aren't very good at pretending they're not on TV, but they get away with it. This show is like junk food TV- makes you feel good for a while, then you totally forget about it after.

4) American Pickers
We looove the pickers. Mike and Frank are awesome. They find old junk and sell it for heaps of money. We also watch the Canadian cousin of this show 'Cash Cowboys'. Every night Gavin says "Are there Pickers on tonight?" He gets sad when there's not. 

I wanna be a picker.

3) Grand Designs
I want Kevin Mcloud to judge my beautiful house that I made myself out of recycled plastic bags and dog hair. I love this show, but man, it makes me NUTSO when he goes back for his last visit and they haven't finished the frickin' house! Why did you go back, Kevin? Surely you knew it wasn't finished. Don't act surprised. We don't want to see the 85% finished house! Go back in a month when it's finished! We will still be here, we promise!

2) Derek
Ricky Gervais' new show is brilliant. It really is. So funny, so true, so cute, so sad, so thought provoking. Ricky is amazing, Karl Pilkington is fantastic. And holy shit, be prepared to SOB like an absolute dickhead during the last episode. Sweet baby jesus, I'm still recovering.

1) Girls
Girls is the story of four very different early-twenties girls in New York. It is raw and rude and funny and clever. Lena Dunham created, directs, produces and stars in this show. I saw an internet idiot the other day, commenting on the amount of nudity Lena partakes in on Girls, saying "One day that poor girl will realise she is being exploited by the older men who make this show" 

Hello, dumb internet lady- SHE is the show. SHE writes and directs and produces it all. SHE is in the drivers seat. Your comment is WAY more demeaning to women that the fact the Lena is brave enough to show us that not only perfect looking women get to be naked and have sex.

Girls is awesome. Watch it. Love it. Wear some shorteralls...

Ok, that's me. What are your faves on TV at the moment. And if you don't have a TV or only watch the ABC, that's OK, we can still be friends. I'll find a loophole...

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  1. I love this post! You had me at 'Skivvy as pants' Haha! I don't watch channel 7 ( only because our antennae was damaged in a storm and doesn't work properly) or foxtel (because I am a tight arse). I am addicted to Supernatural - actually I think I am addicted to Jensen Ackles. I love Grand Designs but I get annoyed with Kevin Mcloud for making disparaging remarks about people's dreams, its so rude. And I get him confused with Monty Don.

  2. My top 3 is the same as yours x x x

  3. This is the best blog I've ever happened upon, no lie. And the 'giving birth' thing? Still cackling. Anyway, for me, it's gotta be Mad Men (mid century modern fan, plus the show is ace), pretty much anything on ID and I love the Pickers too.

    Finally, your flow charts are AWESOME!


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