Monday, 29 April 2013

Owl Says: There is a New President on the block

JFK is new to the nick nack shelf. He's still trying to fit in....
My Awesome Brother in Law found this JFK bust at the Maleny Dump. He was poo brown and missing his nose and a fair bit of face. Tom fixed him up for me. How cute is he? He is a dirty bird though... (JFK, not my Brother in Law. He's lovely)

JFK is also relevant, as I have also just finished my second reading of 11/22/63. Really, what a fantastic book. So amazing. 

It made me think... If I could go back in time and save someone, and I could choose just one preson, out of any time, who would it be? Well, I didn't have to think too long. I would be making sure that John Lennon and Mark David Chapman did not meet  outside the Dakota Building on December 8, 1980. 

AND my Stephen King Universe Flowchart (including the Dark Tower) is almost reading to release onto the world. I know I have been saying that for a while, but this time I mean it!

Who would you save, if you could?

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  1. "I would be making sure that John Lennon and Mark David Chapman did not meet"
    Yeah well, but the past is obturate, right ?
    .. and for good reasons ;-)

  2. Hhmmmm.. That pesky past don't wanna be changed.. I'd like to think I could save John without causing hideous repurcussions... Like maybe ringo reckoning president or something... ;-)

  3. I love reading about the whole Camelot era, for some reason it fascinates me. G.Gordon Liddy, Marilyn, Jackie. Love it. Jelly of your bust. (ha!)

    1. Yep, it was a fascinating Time Lisa. And that's not the first time someone has said they were jelly of my bust!!! ;-)

  4. I love your owls !!!! Keep them around for a long long time !!
    Take care and have a great day !

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