Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sicky Land and the Universe

So I am currently the Queen of Sicky Land. The twins have had a virus for almost a week and my Lovely Husband had terrible allergies over the weekend and is now coming down with a flu! 

What the hell, germs? 

I am of managing to resist the germ warfare for now. And I have enjoyed the snuggles in bed watching movies with J and E. They are so cute when they are sick. They are looking after each other, even though they are both unwell. "Mummy, my brother is sick and he needs a cuddle". A.Dora.ble.

Meanwhile, I am working very hard on getting the Stephen King Universe Flowchart to print and available for sale. It shouldn't be too much longer now. I cannot wait to get it out there and see what everyone thinks! It has taken up a LOT of my very small windows of time (and a large chunk of my soul) so I have been a little distracted from everything else bloggy.

In other news, The Universe has been placing some very interesting things in front of us lately.... Good things. Last year was pretty much chock full of crapulence and me and the universe were barely on speaking terms. But things have.. shifted. Opportunities are arising and possibilities are emerging....

I have always feared change. And success. I am currently being challenged on both fronts. I am too old to continue the fears of the past. I am too old to miss any more opportunities because I am afraid. 

Hey, Universe. I'm ready. Come get me, dude.

Interesting times ahead.

How bout you? What has the universe been sending your way?
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  1. What great positivity in this post Gillian !!! Apart from everyone being sick of course - that sucks big time !!
    Woohoo about your SK flowchart - good luck with getting that finalised.
    Have the best day !

  2. Hope you can keep germ free. Glad to hear your universe is getting a little less crap. I also don't like change and take quite a bit to adjust.

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