Thursday, 30 May 2013

What was I talking about?

I think I am losing my memory. 

Lately, I am forgetting things ALL THE TIME. I forgot the boys immunisation appointment not once, but twice. Even after, the second time, the surgery rang me to remind me the day before. Third times a charm! The appointment is rescheduled for tomorrow and the lovely receptionist is going to call me an hour BEFORE to remind me. How pathetic is that! 

The thing is, I am renowned throughout the land for remembering everything! I often say, I remember every person I have ever met, seen or heard about in my whole life. 

I remember trivia. It's my thing. I know who was in which movie. Who wrote which book. What year that happened in. Who said what, and when they said it. This is a totally pointless skill, sure. Especially in this day and age. 

In the nineties, I was kinda my group of friends version of Google. If they wanted to know some useless piece of trivia, they rang me. I remember (see?) my friend Linda phoning me late at night from a pub in Melbourne to ask me what Gargamel's cat on The Smurfs was called. Today, she would have just looked it up on her smart phone. 

I know it doesn't matter. I don't mind if I can't remember every member of my Grade Seven class. I don't mind if I forget the names of all the Fraggles... but I do mind if I start to forget important things, in the present. I don't want to be scatty or a flake. I don't want to be unreliable. I dont want to let people down.

Do you worry about forgetting things?

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*Gargamel's cat was called Azreal :-)


  1. At least you know there may be a reason for why you keep forgetting things - one of the 34 symptoms !!!!
    OK - so the name of Gargamel's cat is exactly the same as the SK flowchart for me - I have absolutely no friggin' idea what you are talking about !!!!! LOL
    Have the best weekend lovely lady !

  2. My mind is a sieve at the best of times, let alone with pregnancy hormones popping off those brain cells at a rate of knots. Maybe your brain is just too full of "stuff" and you need a good clean out ;)


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