Thursday, 20 June 2013

hey today!

Today is an ugg boot kind of day.
A watching movies, cuddling under a blanket day.

A wondering if my Awesome Teenager will get the job he is doing a trial for today type of day
A thinking about the future and all the crazy stuff that is coming up day.
Its a day for planning. For imagining.
For rolling posters into tubes.
For drawing lines on charts that link this to that.
For thinking about who my favourite movie characters are.

Today is a wearing your husbands hoodie cos it's super warm kind of day.
It's a gluing drawings of ladybugs and pirates into scrapbooks day.
Its a creating a lego mobile phone empire day.
It's a pretty good day.

What kind of day is it for you? And who is your favourite movie girl character?

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