Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Little bits of my universe

What's been going on, Tessiegirl?

I'm glad you asked!

So, I had  a little Art Sale on Facebook last night- and I sold out... well almost. I still have a big platform shoe! I love that shoe. I was super chuffed that a lot of these girls (and flowers) are going to family and friends. It makes me happy to think of them safe and sound with their new owners.
I finished my monkey man this week. Look at his little bum! Needle felting is super fun, although I think my addiction has been sated for the moment. I have and urge to go and buy some canvases and start painting again..... 

I am like an ADD kid who gets distratced by shiny things when it comes to art/ creativity. I will be totally into something (like Flowcharts), then I'll go, "Oh, Look! Some Felt! I am so gonna be the President of Needle Feltland!!" 

So, then I do that for a while until I suddenly think, "Hang On! I am totally a painter! I'm gonna paint! NOW!" And I do. Until I think, "You know what would be really cool? A painting, but one created on the computer.. with lots of lines and names that flow into each other... I should totally do that"
Mr Lovely Husband came home. Yay! It's like he has been on another strange planet. It still seems surreal and odd that he now works for (large International Computer Company) and soon we will be moving to the USA. But the relocation is still a fair way away (up to a year) so there is A LOT to plan and worry about and choose and think of. My brain hurts. I should go and do some needle felting.....
This gorgeous human is still looking for a job. I wish I could just fix it all for him, find him the perfect job, make everything easy for him. But I can't and the world is kinda tough out there, you know? He is still my beautiful, first creation. Look at him.

In other news:
- Jasper puked in the car. Not cool.
- I went and saw 'Behind the Candleabra'. Funny, sad and cool. Sat next to a middle aged couple who tutted and groaned the whole way through. Why would you go and see a movie about Liberace if you are obviously homophobic? 
- I fell over while tidying up under my house and really hurt my leg. I am ridiculously uncoordinated.
- I went to the boys school to read stories for Book Week and nearly burst into tears when all thirty of the gorgeous kids sang the 'Good Morning' song for me. A.Dora.Ble

So, thats what's been going on in my universe. What's going on in yours?

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  1. Oh honey so much fabulousness ahead for your family. Congrats on the FB sale, as if there was any doubt of it's success. You know I looked at the platform shoe and considered and wondered where I could put it, it is rather groovy baby.

    I'm sure your son will find a job, maybe for now it's about timing at the right opportunity. He looks smashing and has a gorgeous smile, some perspective employer is sure to snap him .

    What have I been doing? Have a baby and being all cuddly and squishy with him. X

    1. Oh and I friggin love felt monkey, he is so cool. You're so talented

  2. are really grateful for your blog post. You will find a lot of approaches after visiting your post. Great work.


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