Monday, 5 August 2013

Rose and Star

So, I am in the process of having two tattoos removed via laser treatment. This was kind of a spur of the moment decision, but I have been wanting them gone for quite sometime, so I was furiously happy when I decided to go for it!

I think there are very few women (and men probably) of around my age who DON'T have a tattoo they regret and wish would disappear. I once met a gorgeous, sophisticated fashion designer girl who had the Guns and Roses logo on her rib cage. She wins.

Yes, I am an old person and I am going to say, "Think carefully before you get a tattoo. Don't be impulsive or rash. You will regret it." Oh, and get away from my porch! Where are my glasses... 

The first one is a rose on my general upper boob area. I got it when I was 17, and had just been fired from a cafe. Yep, that showed that mean cafe lady!!! 

This pic was taken a little while after I got that tattoo. Look at that cheeky face. Goodness me.

The second tatto I am  getting removed is a star on my upper arm. There is a certain person out there with a matching one and I would rather go forward in my life without that little reminder.

(Yes, I stopped drawing my eyebrows on in the early nineties, after an intervention staged by my sister.)

The funny thing about these two little tattoos is, I want them both gone, but for very different reasons. 

The Rose- I dislike the actual tattoo. It's lame and tacky and it is a great representation of why 17 year old girls shouldn't pick a tattoo off the wall of a tattoo studio in the valley with no thought whatsoever. But I love  the memories it con jours up.  This tattoo reminds me of the crazy time when I first left home. I was alone and responsible for myself for the first time. Living in a share house with three other girls (2 of whom I am still super close with today) I made A LOT of bad decisions, this was just one of them. But I also had some awesome fun with my friends, had many adventures and looked super cute in a beret and velvet choker! It was 1992. That's how we rolled.

The Star, I actually don't mind, as a tattoo. But it evokes too many memories I DON'T wanna keep. I want that tie broken.

I am slowly shedding the things of the past that I no longer need. I have a lot of stuff. I am in the process of deciding what I want to take with me in this next phase of our lives, and what I am happy to leave behind. 

Whether it be ink, knick knacks, memories, perceptions, insecurities... I am packing some of it up. Lasering some of it off. 

And just chucking a whole bunch of shit away. 

Are you sentimental? Do you hang onto stuff? Or do you have a crap tattoo you wanna zap right off?

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  1. Fantastic to hear you are letting go of some of that past :) I laughed imagining you at 17... "Yes! That rose right there. Perfect!"... I have about twenty boxes of past life in my garage which you are inspiring me to look through and cull. The exercise should be entertaining and emotional!

    I have but the one tattoo, Japanese characters for reiki left forearm, which I got at 27 after a major change in my life. I can't see me removing it but who knows maybe one day

  2. I would love K to read this post BEFORE she goes ahead with any tattoos !!! I love that you are doing what you can to move forward and leave the past where it belongs, in the past.
    I don't have a tattoo although I have thought more than once about getting one - it would be the yin yang sign. Having said that, I am probably too old now to get it done - LOL
    Have the best time releasing the past !

  3. Love that you're tackling the nitty gritty stuff and get them removed the free yourself.
    No regrets with my tats. Any regrets about choices I've made in not really I'm a product of my experiences.
    Do I hold on to things, um yeah kind of but not obsessively like many might think being a vintage lover and collector.

    Btw I think you'd still look super cute in a beret and choker. X

  4. great post Gill! With our recent move, I threw a heap of photos out that didn't make me feel good. Memories of the past that brought a lot of yukky stuff back to the surface. It's always refreshing to clean out the tangible stuff and equally as refreshing to remove stuff that triggers those negative emotions. I wish I'd hung out a bit more with the seventeen year old you - think we could have had some fun times!!!

  5. Love the awesome post Gill! It got me thinking about past decisions & in-decisions and how that has all become part of the tapestry of who I am now. To be honest, I avoided photos for years as I felt unworthy to be in pictures, as I was too fat (thanks to a certain high school friend for helping me believe that!) & ugly. That negative crap has finally been (largely) disposed of. I love that with age comes the reality that sometimes the undo button is useful, when applied wisely! I've got a few tats (which look bitching with my new wrinkles), but I don't know that I'd erase them, however I love the notion that we can reinvent, improve and evolve. Your story shows the depths of your decisions and just how hot we looked way back then!!!

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