Monday, 11 April 2011

what's in the bag?

So, I love a good 'What's in My Bag' post, and what better way to show how much crap you can fit in a Tessie Design Company Bag!!!

1 My Tessie Design Company Satchel

2 Tessie Baby Clutch. This is the prototype for a product I now cannot do without. Just big enough for 2 nappies, a travel box of wipes and some creams. Awesome.

3 Book. (currently My Year of Meat by Ruth L Ozeki) I usually have a book in my bag... Gav takes the babies out on Saturday mornings and I like to go to a coffee shop and read. How decadent!! 

4 Sunglasses. I have 2 pairs in my bag, because I have 2 babies and sunglasses are super-fun toys, don't you know?

5 Pen. I like to write lists. This is Max's Napolean Dynamite Pen (it used to say "I caught you a delicious bass. hee hee), which I have officially stolen. I don't think he knows.

6 Journal/Diary. Again, I like to write lists. And to know when stuff is happening. And write more lists. This book was a gift from my sister Jodi, covered by mum with a Tessie Girl. 

7 Toys. I usually have at least 2 small toys in my bag, for the times when sunglasses don't cut it anymore! Dinosaurs rule.

8 Purse by Mombasa. Super cute.

9 Little Bits Purse. This glittery Union Jack purse was a gift from my beautiful UK in laws. It carries all my little bits- chapstick, mints, medications etc. And its so glamorous!!!

10 Keys. The wooden heart is from a necklace Gavin bought for me when we first started going out.

11 iPhone. For placating 2yo's in shopping centres who are sick of playing with sunglasses and dinosaurs.

So, there you go. That's a lotta stuff!

Our Tessie Satchel has 2 massive pockets on the outside and a smaller one inside, as well as a mobile phone pocket. We are now taking CUSTOM ORDERS for satchels. Send us an email if you are interested!!!

x Gil for Tessie Design Company

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