Monday, 30 May 2011


The twins love to draw. On everything. Which is not so great in the lounge room, but it's super cool downstairs. Nothing is off limits (except Daddy's car)... even coco get's chalked if she sits still for long enough! I love that my little boys wanna draw. I don't want to 'push' them into being creative, but I adore  their natural curiosity and aptitude for something that has always given me so much joy.

As with the Awesome Teenager, it is easy to see them becoming artists, actors, creatives, but I also want to encourage them to be whatever drives them, or as Oprah told me, whatever lights them up. If that is sport, or Math, or being a mechanic, sweet. Although, I will not allow them to be mimes. No way man.

All I really want is for my three boys to be the best, most authentic version of themselves that they can be. I think we want for our children the things we have struggled to get for ourselves in our lives. I want my boys to be strong and confident. And to know that they are enough. They are more than enough.
x Gillian for Tessie Designs

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