Saturday, 14 May 2011

monkey magic....

Mr Monkey has moved in over at the Etsy Store! I am really happy with him. Who would have thought that felt animals would make me so creatively satisfied!

Although he is certainly no 'Born from an egg on a mountaintop' Monkey Magic kinda monkey, he does remind me of Toowoomba in the early eighties, when me and me two sisters would sit on the pool room watching 'Monkey'. I always wondered why such a bizarre show captured our generations imaginations so much- a crazy monkey-man escorting a she-boy priest on magical quests, riding  a pet cloud?! And don't get me started on the  sissy fish-man and a sleazy pig-guy?!?!  But we loved it.

We loved anything that was on the ABC at 6.00 weeknights. Whether it was Monkey or the Goodies, or Dr Who. We loved TV. We watched a lot of TV... but now I credit that for my savant-like TriviaBrain... filled with pop culture references and obscure facts. I don't need Google. Ask Me. Ask Me the name of Gargamel's Cat on the Smurfs. Ask me the actress who played Jennifer on 'Family Ties'. Ask me to name all the spin off series from Happy Days (there are more than you think!)....

No, it doesn't matter. No, it's not important. But, shit it makes me feel smart in a post modern-useless-lame kinda way!


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