Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Come on Grandad!!

My childhood could be described as being at the loudest table at the restaurant with the funniest guy in the room.

This is that guy.

We spent the weekend with mum and dad, and the twins were under their Grandad's spell.  Jasper needed to be holding his hand at all times and the sound of Dad and Eli killing themselves laughing as they both tried to say "Let's Go Broncos!" over and over was just awesome.

I love my Dad for being such a great dad, but I love him even more for being such a great Grandad to my three sons.

x Gillian


  1. Hey Jude, this is the photo I think is just so so lovely of you (and Grahamy and the boys, of course!). Terrible angle, but you've pulled it off. And look at that hair... M x


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