Monday, 18 July 2011

Subie Says Move On...

So, I didn't learn to drive 'til I was 32. I know- embarrassing, much? I was terrified of driving... not just of being the driver, but of being a passenger too. I was totally freaked out by the whole thing. I tried a few times to have driving lessons in 2001, but it didn't work out. I was just too insane about sitting in that driver's seat.

Skip to 2006. I am suddenly single, with a 10yo son and I am still taking the bus. So, I found the sweetest, softliest spoken driving instructor who didn't seem to mind when I cried or swore. He stuck with me. Through about 40 driving lessons, he put up with my shit.

And I learned to drive.

And then I bought a car. With my very own money. That I saved. And that little car may have been a crappy little Mazda that was new when I was in Grade Eleven, but I bought it with my own money.

That I saved all on my own.
my ugly little Mazda
I loved that little car. It changed my life- It made me mobile and independent and every time I looked at it, I remembered how I did many things in 2006 that I never thought I was strong enough or smart enough or grown up enough to do.

So, on Thursday, when we traded in my ugly little Mazda for the princely sum of $500, I was sad. But I was ready to let it go. I am not that single mum anymore- squirreling away banknotes into envelopes to save up for the things I never thought I was allowed to have. So it was time. My Lovely Husband drove my ugly little Mazda to the yard to trade it in. He told me he said some kind words to it before he let it go. He thanked it for keeping us safe for the past few years and for bringing me into his life.

Then he drove home in a beautiful, shiny, new car!! She s a Subaru and th boys already call her 'Subie!' The fact that she doesn't have a browen interior, has air con, CD player, an I pod jack and 4 functional windows made me feel a LOT less sentimental. Mazda Who??

So, in honour of Subie and her CD player (Yes, I know, CD Players in cars aren't really cutting edge technology... but you can shut your faces, cos I've been existing on AM radio for 5 years, Man!) I made myself a cutey-patootie CD Wallet for my Madonna discs, my show tunes and my mix CD's from the early 00's,  I am so hip.

 X Gillian for Tessie Designs

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