Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Art Therapy Pt 2

So, after more tidying and tweaking my design in Illustrator, I created a repeatable tile. This is a tile that you can repeat. Really? No shit Sherlock... Whatevs, smartass... it's a tile that matches up on all four sides. Which is WAAAAYYYYY tricky and awesome and I love myself sick every time I create one.
My repeatable tile in black and white.
The tile is then uploaded to Spoonflower. Here is when I can see if the repeat is working, if the design is consistent and flows well.

After I uploaded this tile, I decided there were a few too many straight lines formed, creating squared off areas that weren't pleasing to the eye. I also didn't care for that dominant black tri leaf shape- it's just too strong in the repeat.

So, here is the updated design. I minimised the size of that tri leaf shape- it now blends in with the other shapes. I also worked on removing a lot of the straight lines- the design now flows a lot better. And, I have started playing around with colour. I seem to be drawn to browns at the moment. I find them the easiest to work with. I am thinking now that the white outlines I have used here is diluting the design slightly- I may revise them.

Come check the design out over at Spoonflower- you can see how it looks on a larger area of fabric. Yippee!!

x Gillian for Tessie Design

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