Friday, 2 September 2011

Twin Talk

My monkeys speak their own language.....
This is a multiple choice quiz... The winner gets to come to my house and watch Shrek 4 while sweeping up sultanas. And maybe, clean some poo offa the ceiling. I'm just sayin'. Shit can get crazy real quick around here. Literally.


Monkey Talk:
'Backy Backy Day'
1) Back the truck up, Lady!
2) I wanna go into the back yard
3) Remember back in the day when you didn't have to wear shapewear to wear a T Shirt and jeans, mummy?

Monkey Talk:
'Freddy Le Pop'
1) I'm ready to mop (I wish!)
2) Freddy Mercury is the bomb
3) Can I hop out of my highchair

Monkey Talk:
'Calla Walla'

1) Caterpiller
2) Cauliflower
3) Cunnamulla (well, they are the Children of a Cartographer... they know their geography!) 
4) All of the above

Monkey Talk:
'Jaffar and Elow'

1) A crimefighting super duo
2) An  Aussie hip hop duo
3) A crazy, TV smashing, paint peeling, nudist, noisy, super star, awesome duo 

Answers: We wanna go in the backyard when we hop out of our highchairs and draw some caterpillers and cauliflower. On your car! Love, Jasper and Eli


Do your kids have any funny sayings or pronunciations?

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