Friday, 12 August 2011

Circus Girls are super cool

Here is my entry for Spoonflower's Fabric of the Week Contest- Circus theme.

I have been told previously that some of my designs featuring girls have been too 'sexy' for the Spoonflower market, so I hope these girls are are cheeky, saucy, but still classy.... like me. 

Circus Girls

A circus is a funny thing. I remember going to so the Moscow Circus when I was about ten. The enduring memory I have is the bears. They rode bikes, wore clothes, acted like idiots... and they looked so very sad. They seemed to have enough intelligence to understand how pathetic and cruel their 'career' was, but didn't
have the ability to change it. It was like they were resigned to the fact that their life sucked. Sad.

I prefer a human only Circus- like Cirque de Soleil. Although, I could do without the weird fat woman shrieking on the side of the stage, who seems to be in every show. She kinda freaks me out.

I choose to believe that my cute Circus Girls are part of an Awesome Cool-Chicks only Circus that rocks the trapeze and when the 52 Clown Girls get outta the tiny car, each on is cuter than the next. And they all have fabulous shoes. 

SO come over and Vote for my design. If you like Circus Girls in cute shoes. And you think bears have no place wearing waistcoats.

x Gillian for Tessie Designs

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