Monday, 12 September 2011

The Awesome Performer

Last Wednesday night, Mum had I went to the Awesome Teenagers Drama Performance night. The theme was Physical Theatre. The kids had attended workshops with Zen Zen Zo theatre company, and then had to come up with a piece on a given theme. Max's theme was 'Facing the Hidden'

 Now, I was a total Drama kid at school (when I wasn't being called 'Freak' my nickname was often 'Theatrehead'... like that's an insult!). So, on the way there, I said to mum, "I think we are up for lots of Black vs White/ Good vs Evil kinda action tonight!"
And boy was I right! But, I didn't factor in that it's the year 2011, so there was also zombies. Lots of zombies.
I was totally blown away by these kids. They took the challenging genre of Physical Theatre and embraced it. On the whole, they were fearless and committed. I loved that they were so into it!! I loved the kid making Frankenstein monsters with his little hip hop moves. I loved the  Black versus White/ Good versus Evil beauty myth group. I love the fluro painted group. Fluro Zombies. Yeah man.


 I loved my Awesome Teenager and his group! I nearly bounced off the ceiling with pride and joy and awe. Their concept was so spot on- it was tight, professional and really well devised. Their message was clear and they all performed beautifully.

Max (Evil) and his mate Hayden (Good) after the show.
Max is still in character...
(thanks Hayden's Mum for the pic... my camera died)

My pride swelled and exploded when my Awesome Teenager was the one to come onstage at the end of the night to thank everyone for coming. He then called their teacher up onstage to thank her and he gave her a big hug! So proud.

I thought later, what happened to the little boy I have encouraged and protected for fifteen years, that I have worried about,  loved fiercely, sometimes felt enormous guilt over, wished to the universe for?

He is that tall skinny man I saw onstage tonight- so impressive, so confident and sure of himself. I felt an almost physical weight being lifted from my shoulders. He is almost grown. 

And he is Totally Fricken' Awesome.

X Gillian

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  1. Jodi Hamlyn-Harris14 September 2011 at 11:58

    Comments are hard when you have bigs tears rolling down your face thinking of when the Awesome Teenager was a Hilarious Toddler with undies on his head and a huge grin on his face...We are so proud of him too and know he is going to do well no matter what he chooses to do in life. You guys are lucky to have him and he is lucky to have you too...


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