Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Park Life

I am slightly socially retarded.. I find making new friends difficult, and the thought of a 'Mothers Group' freaks the hell outta me. 

I went to one when the Awesome Teenager was little and the other Mum's were  mean to me.... Or I think they were. I was like 23 and they gave me the stink eye when they asked about my mortgage and I said, "Lady, I don't own anything I can't carry by myself... Don't need a mortgage for platform shoes and Beatles books! (that's what I said in my head... I probably just said nothing, blushed and chased after my 2yo to hide behind...)

So, I am sooooooo lucky to have a group of lovely girlfriends with kids that I can hang out with on Mondays at the park. I have known these girls for a looong time... and they like me anyway.

Thanks girlies. I don't think you know how much you mean.

*note: Mel and Ang are my Park Girls, along with Ang's sister in law Lynn (who didn't make it for her closeup this week!), but I must also include my Linda and my Sally in my List of Cool Chicks with Little Kids Who Keep Me Sane. And my sister. The end. 
How cute are these kids?!?!? We should start a Kiddie Modeling Agency and retire to Rio.
Or a Ridiculously Good Looking Football Team..
Do you belong to a Mother's Group? Or are you socially challenged like me?

X Gillian


  1. This is hilarious, was just having a squiz at your blog and this story is very familiar. In my case I had just turned 20 and was barely ready for motherhood. Jon and I wagged the hospital's last 2 'parent & birthing classes' I was too freaked out by the movie in lesson 4.

  2. It's scary when your young isn't it? I must say, now that I am back at the beginning with 2 little ones, 15 years later, it all seems a little easier to negotiate. I am still social retard... but an older, slightly wiser one :-)


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