Tuesday, 27 September 2011

In front of the red door

 For the next 3 weeks, it will just be me and the little boys. My Lovely Husband has returned to the mother country. I will miss him very much and will try my hardest not to drop my basket while looking after the little monkeys!! My Awesome Teenager is also away, but I have called in the cavalry and will have some help from my beautiful family.
So, on Saturday we took some pictures, so I could remember what everybody looked like.
They look beautiful.
I miss him already.

Three weeks is the longest Gav has been away since the babies were born, so I am a little nervous. I know it ill be OK, but I can't guarantee I won't drop my basket a little...

How long have you flown solo with your kids?
*major props to single mummies with little ones... especially twins- you are super rockstars.

x Gillian


  1. lol.... so cute - can't remember Gilly, bit longer than 3 weeks though. You'll hang onto that basket darling... we always do xoxo

  2. That's 'cos you're a super rockstar Marg!!


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