Monday, 31 October 2011

Beryl the Teapot

This is the latest addition to my teapot collection.  She was my Grandma's. She has lived with my sister since my Grandma passed away, but Jodi thought she should be part of my teapot collection. I am so chuffed to have her sitting alongside all my other treasures.  I don't have many things that belonged to any of my grandparents, so she is super special.

She is called Beryl.

My Grandma Beryl had a wicked sense of humour- she loved it when people fell over! She also loved it when me and my sisters would sing together. I remember her coming to see me in my High School Musical when I was in Grade 12 (I was the lead... yeah, I was like, kind of a big deal...) and being so proud.

So, welcome to the family little Beryl teapot. Your namesake was an awesome lady and a lovely grandma.

Do have any special momentos of special relatives?

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