Thursday, 27 October 2011

New Girls in Town

I have just updated my Etsy shop with a bunch of cool stuff, including these super cute cushions!
Red, White and Blue Owl $20 
Emma Cushion $20
Four Annas Cushion $20
Four Crow Girls $20
Heart Owl $20 
Mr Brown Cushion $20
They are 35cm x 35cm and include the inserts. And they are 100% original!! 

Looking at these cushions and all our other lovely things in our Etsy Shop makes me miss my Tessie partner in crime- Mum. She and Dad are somewhere on the Great Ocean Road in their little caravan having adventures. After almost 50 years together, they are still having adventures together and are still each others favourite person. That is so cool. (We miss you too, Dad!!)

x Gillian

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