Monday, 24 October 2011

Happy Zombie Day!!!

The Zombie masses of Brisneyland took to the streets yesterday for the annual Zombie Walk to raise money for the Brain Foundation of Australia
I was the Zombie sympathising chauffeur for an awesome gang of teenage zombies
As someone who is having an MRI tomorrow and has a family history of brain hemorrhage and aneurisms, I was so happy and amazed to see the 10,000 or so Zombies lurching through the streets to raise money and awareness.

But, let's get real, for these guys it was about costumes, covering themselves in blood, checking out hot nurse zombies and screaming at the crowd. They stayed in character for the whole walk and they rocked it. Their commitment to the Zombie experience was almost fanatical!!

I was transported back to myself as a teenager, and how passionate I was about performing, dressing up and standing out from the majority. My Awesome Teenager has always marched to the beat of his own drummer, and it was just so fantastic to see him marching alongside his people yesterday.

It was a crazy day, and I was so proud of Max and his mates. What a polite, well spoken, respectful bunch o' zombie-guys!

X Gillian 


  1. I love the zombie walk! We went a couple of years with lufflump and I'm so bummed we missed it this year. It's fun and an awesome cause :)

  2. Super fun. There were heaps of families walking together- little tiny baby zombies! Cute and creepy!


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